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Operational Technology Train-The-Trainer Programme (OT-TTT)

Brought to you by Tegasus and Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA)

Aligned to CSA OTCCF

There is an epidemic of cybersecurity threats and no one’s data and platforms are safe anymore. Enterprises and owners of Critical Infrastructure (CI) cannot afford to overlook the primary significance of training its employees of the threats and best practices to encounter cybersecurity.

To defend your organisation against highly skilled criminals, malicious hackers or nations that aim to steal data, disrupt Critical Infrastructure (CI) or any other valuable information, platform, or service, it is important to upskill and train employees to react and respond to real-world challenges. Global shortage of cybersecurity professions, including in the OT sectors, has aggravated the situation whereby there are not enough industrial professionals to render their service to the various Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).  The OT-TTT Programme is designed to professionally and adequately train a pool of OT trainers to be technically capable and confident in protecting their organisation’s assets and react and respond to real-world challenges. This Programme consists of 2 phases.


OT-TTT/P1M1: Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems Engineer (CSIE+)

This is a 4-day technical training is designed to equip participants with Industrial Control Systems (ICS) / Cyber Physical Subsystems (CPS) / Operation Technology (OT) cybersecurity domain technical knowledge. It is full-day 3-day testbed hands-on training followed by a 1-day cyber drill exercise located at iTrust, centre for research in cybersecurity. Overall, it equips participants with knowledge in defending OT networks and detecting OT attacks.


This course offers technical introduction on the protection of industrial control systems within a realistic control systems environment. Participants will learn how cyber attacks are launched, why they work, and mitigation strategies. Through a comparative analysis of IT and control system architecture, security vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies unique to the control system domain, participants will improve the cybersecurity posture of their control system networks. The integrated practical session provides participants with a deeper understanding of the various tools and acquire control systems cybersecurity skills that can be applied in their work environment immediately. The final day cyber exercise allows participants to apply what they learn in a realistic OT environment and react to impeding cyber-attacks.

Dates / Time: 2, 3, 5, 8 November 2021 (4 Days) / 9am to 5:30pm
Venue: Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

8, Somapah Road, Room No. 2.714, Building 2 Level 7 (Lobby E/F), Secure Water Treatment (SWaT) Testbed, Singapore 487372

OT-TTT/P2M2: Project with Practicum

In module 2, participants will propose their own project. Projects proposed by participants are required to be approved by the OT professional panel known as Technical Validation Panel (“TVP”). The scope of the project should cover various topic of OT cybersecurity and aligned with CSA OT Cybersecurity Competency Framework. Such project provides participants opportunity to deepen their hands-on skills in tackling real-world OT issues / problems especially when it’s coupled with learning using any OT testbed or laboratory. It enriches and reinforces what participants have learnt and solidified OT cybersecurity concepts through actual development, deployment and /or implementation. Each participant may select their testbed of choice for their project.  For those who are keen to rent the iTrust's testbed, please book through:

Dates / Time: 7 and 14 April 2022

Prerequisites: This is a progression module from OT-TTT (Phase 1).  Participant is required to complete OT-TTT/P1M1 Training prior to attending this module.

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