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Founded in 2019, Tegasus International is a Singapore-based cybersecurity company specialising in the education of cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems. The company serves customers in the energy, utilities and transport sectors across both government and private agencies. At its disposal are trainers with years of industrial and applied research experience.

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CSA Academy Collaborates with the U.S Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to Launch the Inaugural Singapore-Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity 301 Course (SG-ICS301)

22 Aug 2023, Singapore. Tegasus is glad to be the appointed vendor for the inaugural Singapore-Industrial Control Systems cybersecurity 301 course.

The SG-ICS course will be held at the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence. Held on 21, 23, 24 and 25 August 2023, the course is designed to ensure that the engineers and cybersecurity professionals involved in supporting and protecting OT systems are kept up-to-date on how to keep the OT environment safe and secure against current and emerging cyber threats.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) and CyberXCenter

2 September 2022, Singapore. We are glad to announce that Tegasus has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) and CyberXCenter. We are glad to have this strategic partnership and believe we will be able to leverage on mutual strengths to benefit both local and international communities.

The purpose of this MOU is to deepen and strengthen the strategic partnership between the parties to provide effective capability-building, technical assistance, and support to developing the following:

1)  New Cyber Exercise Capabilities
2)  New Tools to support Cyber Exercise Activities
3)  New Research Areas in deepening the understanding of OT Cyber Security

Invited Speaker and Panellist for the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) Keystone Programme

08 August 2022, Singapore. As an invited speaker and panellist for the CSA Keystone Programme, Tegasus has shared our knowledge on the Operation Technology (OT) cybersecurity residing in the forthcoming next-generation smart grid. Today, we are glad to present "Smart Grid and its Cybersecurity Concerns" to the middle-level leadership on cybersecurity concerns and attack surfaces ranging from Generation to Distribution and Loads. Good to understand how Automation, Network Connectivity and Monitoring and Measurements bring about a new wave of attack vectors in a modern smart grid setting.

Tegasus is honoured to have conducted the CII TTX as part of the inaugural UN-Singapore Cyber Fellowship programme, with CyberXCenter.

6 August 2022, Singapore. Many days of preparation has paid off finally as we could see how delegates have participated actively during the ICS injects. Of course, amid this, we have heard waves of laughter and observed how delegates developed a joint statement based on different backgrounds and cultures. Thank you to our team members for all the hard work.

This event is jointly organised by Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and the National University of Singapore

Tegasus is Proud to be the Moderator for the Fireside Chat Session - OT/ICS Cybersecurity Analysis and Evaluation Course

18 May 2022, Singapore. During the fireside chat session titled “Stories from the Trenches in OT/ICS Cybersecurity Evaluation”, three guest practitioners spoke about the challenges arising from the IT/OT convergence and shared real-life examples of how cyber-attacks have impacted the OT environment.

This event is jointly organised by Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) from the United States of America.

Tegasus is Proud to Partner with CSA on the Operational Technology Train-The-Trainer (OT-TTT) Programme

2 November 2021, Singapore. To defend your organisation against highly skilled criminals, malicious hackers or nations that aim to steal data, disrupt Critical Infrastructure (CI) or any other valuable information, platform, or service, it is important to upskill and train employees to react and respond to real-world challenges. Global shortage of cybersecurity professions, including in the OT sectors, has aggravated the situation whereby there are not enough industrial professionals to render their service to the various Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).  The OT-TTT Programme is designed to professionally and adequately train a pool of OT trainers to be technically capable and confident in protecting their organisation’s assets and react and respond to real-world challenges.  

For more detail, please refer here.

Tegasus is Proud to be a Sponsor for Critical Infrastructure Security Showdown (CISS) 2021 organised by iTrust, Singapore University of Technology and Design

23 September 2021, Singapore. Critical Infrastructure Security Showdown 2021 – Online (CISS2021-OL) is the fifth run of iTrust’s international technology assessment exercise. This is the second year that the exercise is held entirely online and is sponsored by the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Defence.

SGInnovate Partners ST Engineering and Tegasus International to Boost Cybersecurity Capabilities of 2,500 Professionals Over Three Years

1 October 2019, Singapore - SGInnovate today announced its partnership with ST Engineering and Tegasus International, to launch the “Cybersecurity Professional Series” that seek to enhance the cybersecurity expertise of some 2,500 professionals in Singapore. Comprising two tracks, the courses will include Operations Technology (OT) courses that address existing gaps in cybersecurity training for CII sector professionals, and Information Technology (IT) courses that introduce cybersecurity fundamentals to both technical and business professionals.

SGInnovate Partners ST Engineering, Tegasus International to Boost Cybersecurity Capabilities

SINGAPORE (Oct 1, 2019): SGInnovate, a government-owned firm nurturing deep tech startups in Singapore, is partnering ST Engineering and cybersecurity company Tegasus International to launch a series of courses to up the city state’s cybersecurity capabilities.

The initiative aims to enhance the cybersecurity expertise of some 2,500 professionals in Singapore over the span of three years.


Called the “Cybersecurity Professional Series”, it will comprise two tracks: Operational Technology (OT) courses that address existing gaps in cybersecurity training for Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) sector professionals; and Information Technology (IT) courses that introduce cybersecurity fundamentals to both technical and business professionals.


Steve Leonard, Founding CEO, SGInnovate says, “Cybersecurity underpins all industries. Technologies such as AI and IoT are generating a lot of excitement, but they also represent sophisticated new platforms for cyberthreats. When it comes to critical infrastructure, a security compromise could have serious implications for the economy or public safety.”


In line with key pillars of the Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 2016, the OT courses will be tailored to the needs of individuals working in the 11 CII sectors in Singapore, including energy, healthcare, media and transport. 


The OT courses will be jointly offered by the three parties, and aim to train 1,000 professionals. 

Both OT courses are co-delivered by ST Engineering Cybersecurity Academy and Tegasus International. 

The Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Engineer (CSIE) course is currently open for registration, while the Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems Supervisor (CSIS) course is slated to launch by 4Q19. 

On the IT front, SGInnovate and Tegasus International will also collaborate on four courses targeted at technical managers, business heads, students and other professionals across all industries – and seek to benefit some 1,500 professionals. 

The first cybersecurity IT course will be launched in 4Q19, while other courses will progressively be introduced in 2020.

“National critical infrastructure is increasingly susceptible to cyberattacks that could cause power service outages, failure of life-support systems or even impact an entire economy,” says Goh Eng Choon, General Manager of Info-Security, Electronics, ST Engineering. 

“This collaboration will enable us to provide the much-needed knowledge and skills for ICS system managers and operators, to recognise and respond effectively against cyberattacks,” he adds.

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