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Cybersecurity Industrial Control Systems for Engineer (CSIE) - Water

In this 4-day technical course, you will have a deeper understanding into the OT cybersecurity ecosystem with concepts covering embedded systems, protocols fundamentals (e.g., Modbus and EtherNet/IP), known vulnerabilities discovery, forensic investigation and process exploitation. You will also learn about threats and cyber risks to ICS as well as the different types and stages of a cyber-attack.

Through the span of four days, there will be emphasis on real world use cases and examples, hands-on applications and exercises that are incorporated with realistic scenarios built around operational cyber physical testbeds and digital systems.


Training for utility sector using operational water purification testbed


Training for composite sectors understanding cyber risks


Hands-on exercise in group

Participants working in group understanding ICS protocol vulnerabilities.


Group exercise using HMI SCADA

Participants analysing anomalies using HMI SCADA and preparing multiple scripts to counter-react the ICS processes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

By the end of the course, you will be able to recognise the symptoms of an attack and use tools and techniques to investigate possible breaches into ICS and be able to demonstrate a multitude of cybersecurity techniques including vulnerability assessments, sensor disruption and defence in-depth.

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