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Engineer in Laboratory

ICS Cybersecurity Foundation

This 2-day training equips participants with ICS cybersecurity knowledge and hands-on skillsets to better understand the ICS ecosystem and their working environment. Understanding whether it is an technical glitch or cyber breach greatly helps participants to better identify attack symptoms in work places, organisations and critical infrastructure sectors.

Understanding multi-stage ICS attacks

Participants working as a team to better defence their ICS crown jewels. First understanding their ICS assets will better equip them with the knowledge on improved cybersecurity risk assessment and defence-in-depth mechanisms.


Individual ICS assignments

Every participant is given multiple individual hands-on assignments using ICS digital systems and cyber range, together with operational testbed, for achieving elevated learning objectives.


Identifying attacks using composite skillsets

Putting different skillsets of participants together helps to develop enhanced defence in ICS organisations and critical infrastructure (CII) sectors. Participants working as a group to detect attacks launched by instructors in a realistic ICS industrial-grade testbed.

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