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Clients Engagement

Selected publications on our clients' engagement.


We are always glad to partner our clients on national capability building programs and activities. Every opportunities are growth vectors that generate numerous synergy for our clients and every talents that we come across.

ICS Cybersecurity Training (SG-ICS301)

Singapore’s CSA Academy has joined hands with the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to organise the inaugural Singapore-Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity 301 (SG-ICS301) course which is held alongside the Operational Technology Cybersecurity Expert Panel (OTCEP) Forum 2023. The four-day course will provide Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity training to around 40 participants from Singapore, ASEAN, Bangladesh and Maldives.

Modeled after CISA’s hugely successful ICS301 course, the SG-ICS301 course seeks to equip participants with the concepts, theories and practical hands-on experience for protecting OT networks and securing Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) OT systems from cyber-attacks.  OT refers to technologies involving interconnected devices and computers for the monitoring and control of physical processes. It is deployed in industrial sectors such as energy, manufacturing, transportation and water.


ICS Cybersecurity Training

How should we describe our CII training participants when they are under intense pressure to resolve technical glitches due to APT?

Reply from the instructor, "serious and relentless effort!"

A batch of highly trained ICS engineers rushing through the time to get the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) back on track while searching the process network to identify gaps that need immediate attention.


OT Train-The-Trainer Programme - Certificate of Completion for Module 2

CSA Academy and Tegasus are glad to award Certificate of Completion for Module 2 to the following participants.

  1. CHNG Jit Heng  (MD5 9fe64c1c8bb8f8148b27062070cb9b17)

  2. Wilson HUAN  (MD5 d0663635c244d9b006e1f980c13fc8f2)

  3. KOH Swee Kwang  (MD5 76c195bce35348253eca55c87510e1a6)

  4. Peter LOH  (MD5 0884349e490e5212cf249c558fd5ab2f)

  5. NG Shi Ping  (MD5 551fc91f667cdb834045c1c4240f67f9)

  6. Mohamed Saifulamari OMAR  (MD5 a11ca4883680f8452850193000da6ab5)

  7. Vincent POH  (MD5 408cd1d0b67c5ebf9e3628b5707de663)

  8. Mapel YAP  (MD5 7c2dfcf16226cc9682b7537061fb4ce0)

OT TTT_Cert_final_Header_edited.jpg

ICS Cybersecurity Training

Phase 1

"Instructor, it seems like we have a serious problem," said an engineer.

"I knew it and I am waiting," replied the instructor. Engineer further explained, "we need to swiftly resolve the infiltration!"


Phase 2

"Engineer reporting to HQ, engineer reporting to HQ. We seek consent to take over PLC and take immediate respond to rectify the situation," requested an engineer.


Phase 3

"Chill... Absolutely under control now!" acclaimed the defender team.

Great Job!   


Internship with National Cybersecurity R&D Lab and Tegasus 

Tegasus collaborates with National Cybersecurity R&D Lab (NCL) to provide ICS training to their interns elevating their industrial and operational knowledge to enhance their practicum for a improved and translatable product to the market.

Few days of intensive training with topics covering CII operations, risk assessment, vulnerability management and VAPT, just to quote a few, with a ultimate objective of a successful minimum viable product.

Not to forget who they are. From right to left, we have intern Rickson, intern Terry and Ms Yap (Tegasus).


OT Train-The-Trainer Programme

CSA Academy and Tegasus International have successfully completed their first run of the Operational Technology Train-the-Trainer Programme (OT-TTT).  


The OTT-TT Programme aims to produce more professional Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cybersecurity trainers, using a holistic approach to leverage on the ICS talents pipeline for ICS segments such as Critical Information Infrastructure (CII).


The Programme is designed to provide professional training to trainers, equipping them with the technical skillset they need to protect their organisation’s assets, as well as to react and respond to real-world challenges.


The OT-TTT Programme comprises of two modules:

Module 1 – Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems Engineer (CSIE+)

Module 2 – Project with Practicum


Module 1 consists of training via the use of a realistic and operational ICS testbed. For Module 2, participants are required to present their technical projects to, and have their work validated by, a Technical Validation Panel (TVP).


We are glad to have experienced professionals in the field such as Mr Lim Thian Chin, Mr Neo Boon Kai and Mr Ivan Lee on the panel and we thank them for taking the time out of their busy schedules to review and assess the participants’ practicum projects.


Participants who have satisfactorily met the evaluation criteria set by CSA Academy and Tegasus are as follows:

  1. CHNG Jit Heng

  2. Wilson HUAN

  3. KOH Swee Kwang

  4. Peter LOH

  5. NG Shi Ping

  6. Mohamed Saifulamari OMAR

  7. Vincent POH

  8. Mapel YAP


Congratulations to the participants!


ICS Cybersecurity Training

Tegasus partners with National Cybersecurity R&D Lab ( for another successful ICS training for our CII client. Thank you Professor Chang Ee-Chien (NCL), Mr Seah Choon Meng (NCL) and Ms Yap Chin Chin (Tegasus) for making this private-public partnership a successful one.

Participants were very curious and anxious to observe symptoms from an operational ICS setup when it was under cyber attacked. As usual, we made it very clear to these participants that our role is not about teaching cyber attacks, it is about elevating their understanding and confidence in differentiating, whenever possible, what entails a technical glitch and cyber breach.

Another great success for this fantastic partnership and completion of an industrial cyber security training.

LinkedIn (2).jpg

ICS Cybersecurity Training

Another successful completion of our ICS cybersecurity training for our CII client. This batch is fantastic.

Simulated Drill
They have been informed by relevant agency that they are required to resolve water contamination issue as quickly as possible and these participants quickly distribute their workload among all members immediately. Divide and Conquer! A real classic solution.

Within a short period of time, surprisingly for participants who don't have deep ICS cybersecurity expertise, they manage to produce an outcome that trainers find it hard not to say excellent.


CII TTX for inaugural UN-Singapore Cyber Fellowship Programme

We are honoured to have conducted the CII TTX as part of the inaugural UN-Singapore Cyber Fellowship programme, with CyberXCenter.

Many days of preparation has paid off finally as we could see how delegates have participated actively during the ICS injects. Of course, amid this, we have heard waves of laughter and observed how delegates developed a joint statement based on different backgrounds and cultures.

Thank you our team members for all the hard work.


ICS Cybersecurity Training

Another packed week has gone and we are glad to have completed another round of ICS training for our CII client. Kudos to the team for pressing through.

The participants are discussing different methods to disrupt the water purification process. And, we hope it is a fruitful learning journey for them when they are back to their operational sites with the ability to identify ICS symptoms based on what they have learnt from the hands-on assignments.


ICS Cybersecurity Training

We are glad to have completed another ICS training for our CII System Integrator together with our partner, ST Engineering Info-Security.

We see heavy sessions of debate on how best each strategy works in defending the SCADA network from adversaries.


ICS Cybersecurity Training

In collaboration with our partner, ST Engineering Info-Security, we are glad to have conducted ICS cyber security training to a new batch of participants for our CII client.

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