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Principles and Engineering of Secure Solutions

Are you and your organisation ready to manage and respond to cyber attacks?

Together with Tegasus International, SGInnovate is proud to present a series of Cybersecurity workshops designed to prepare you and your organisation for impending security threats and vulnerabilities.

Designed for anyone who has little or no prior knowledge in Cybersecurity, this course will equip you and your organisation with defence mechanisms to mitigate the risks of cyber vulnerability; allowing you to react to present and future Cybersecurity challenges.

This 3-day workshop aims to provide you with an overview of the Cybersecurity ecosystem and how to navigate through various Cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

You will learn to identify critical security risks and problems posed by new technologies and business practices. You will also be taught how to design secure systems and controls based on IT architectural guidelines and requirements.

You will also learn to incorporate controls into security system components to minimise security breaches or lapses in system designs.

There will be an emphasis on real-world use cases and examples, the applications and techniques to handle them. This will help raise your awareness on the fundamental Cybersecurity concepts, attack vectors and the best industry practices.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to apply what you have learnt to improve your organisational cybersecurity posture and formulate best practices to safeguard organisational interest and mitigate threats.

In this workshop, participants will learn about: 

  • An overview of the Cybersecurity ecosystem

  • Cyber risk analysis and management

  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

  • Security engineering and design

  • Security models and evaluation criteria

  • Introduction to Cryptography

  • Solution security and principles 


Recommended Prerequisites:

  • An interest in Cybersecurity


Pre-Workshop Instructions:

  • You MUST have a laptop and stable wifi connection to join this online workshop

Day 01

An overview of the Cybersecurity ecosystem

  • Our digital ecosystem

  • Motivational factors for attacking – attacker goals, skillset and profiles

  • Cyber risk analysis and management 

  • Practice session: Risk analysis exercise

  • Pros and cons of Cybersecurity solutions

  • Concepts of confidentiality, integrity and availability

Identity and access management

  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

  • Introduction to identity and access management

  • Practice session: Type 1 vulnerability exposures exercise

  • Cyber threats facing authentication

  • Access control models (DAC, MAC, RAC and RuAC)

  • Access control administration

Security engineering and design (Part 1)

  • Principles of secure design

  • Security models (state machine, Bell-LaPadula, Biba and commercial models)

  • Security evaluation criteria

  • Introduction to Cryptography

  • Cryptography in history


Day 02

Revision of Day 1

Security engineering and design (Part 2)

  • Types and elements of Cryptography

  • Practice session: encryption and decryption exercise

  • Security models

  • Solution security and principles

Solution security and principles

  • Revision of Day 1

  • Understanding the solution design ecosystem


Day 03

Revision of Day 2

Discussion of real-world use cases 

Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain

  • Stages of attacks and defence

Assessment: Presentation by participants

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